Are you interested in learning how to massage your baby in a warm and friendly environment shared with other new parents? This two hour course will teach you basic massage techniques that encourage brain growth in your infant, help you both bond in a special way, and will give you skills you can use for the rest of your life. 

This is a class designed for newborns up to 12 months old. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please do not bring your other children since childcare is not provided and this is not a child-proof meeting space.

This class is $120 per mama/baby. Your partner is welcome to attend at no additional charge.

Contact Kim to reserve your space and to get more details.
Learn the art of Hot Rocks!

Spend two hours with a partner learning a basic back,neck arm and hand massage routine using hot rocks and oil. At the end of the session you keep the rocks and the oil, to recreate the experience at home!

Each session is $120, and each person receives one 1/2 hour massage, detailed written instructions, and rocks and oil.

What a great way to build trust and intimacy, and benefit from the unique properties of hot rocks!

Is your partner expecting? Come in a learn how to soothe and pamper her during this demanding and rewarding process of creating life. 

You will learn a full body routine, focusing on low back/sciatic pain, neck and shoulder tension and carpal tunnel issues. Common contraindications will be addressed, as well as personal physical struggles.

Priced at only $120, this class is scheduled at your convenience, with only you and your partner in the room. You will take home a container of oil, as well as a complete and thorough outline of the various massage techniques shown in class. This is an excellent opportunity to bond and nurture as a couple before your new addition arrives.