I attended massage in 2001 at the Big Island Academy of Massage in Hilo, HI and in 2002 at Brenneke School of Massage (now Cortiva) in Seattle, WA. I graduated in 2003 and immediately went into private practice. 

When I was younger I was the person in the family who everyone asked for "neck squeezes". In fact, when I was in massage school, I was at my parent's house looking through old paperwork and came across a form asking for more information from a local massage school that I filled out in 7th grade. It's been a lifelong passion and an honor to be invited into a person's life in such an intimate way.
I have one daughter who was born in 2007. Her birth and becoming a mother transformed me in ways that were totally unexpected and life changing, and inspired me to take a closer look at other women and their journey into parenthood. I started taking classes and asking questions and listening to mother's stories. I have attended a number of births, both at home and in the hospital setting, and those experiences set me on fire to explore the realm of birth and babies. 

Being able to assist new mother's and their partners bond with their child is amazing. Teaching infant massage and equipping parents to do the same is incredibly rewarding and moving. 

I strive to provide an environment of peace and a place where life's problems can be left behind for a short while. I pride myself on really listening to my clients and making each massage experience individual, avoiding "cookie cutter" routines. 

I am an avid reader and in my free time I am learning to enjoy the quiet time in gardening. I am a strong coffee kind of girl and tend to be a night owl.
Some of my Advanced Education Includes:

Aromatic Hot Stone Therapy

Systemic Deep Tissue for Side Lying Massage

Pre- and Perinatal Massage with Carole Osborne

Advanced Massage Techniques for the Expectant Mother

Craniosacral Therapy I

Simkin Center Birth Doula Training

Simkin Center Postpartum Doula Training

Simkin Center Infant Massage Instructor Training

Breastfeeding Basics

Massage for People Living with Cancer

Lomi Lomi I

Lymphatic Massage I 

Introduction to Reflexology

Massage for the Geriatric Population

Advanced Techniques for Low Back (Qls, Psoas, Piriformis, Glutes)